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Artisan and artist, I surround myself in a creative universe of poetic golden reflections.

The subtlety of the golden leaf inspires another way of communicating with the interplay of light and shadow to create depth into the objects I modify. These vibrations of a thousand reflections, theatrical or discreet, prolix or poetic, juggles with the different colors of the metal.



Creator of abstract and contemporary art made of pigments and golden and silver leaves, I created works for collectors, galleries and exhibitors all over the world.  Guided by the aesthetics of subtraction, I expressed through golden reflections of the purified silence of a multiple reflection.  


Crafts woman of art

I have had the pleasure of working with interior designers, luxury brands on many different projects to create precious atmospheres on unique objects. I continue to discover and explore new materials in my travels and projects, I constantly offer renewed musicality of light while inscribing them in an aesthetic and quality that will last over time. 


With an ancestral knowledges

Born in Lorraine, I was trained for 10 years in Florence, Italy. Gilding restorer for 25 years I was a laureate of the Villa Kujoyama in Japan and labelled RIMPA. I was initiated to the purity by masters in Japan. 

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