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Exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo "Double Je"

from 24 March to 16 May 2016

Exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo "Double Je" from March 24 to May 16, 2016.

I present as an artist 6 gold sculptures, and as an artisan custom-made frames for artists Jean Bedez and Eudes Menichetti.

An exhibition based on a short story by Franck Thilliez, bringing together artists and craftsmen, inaugurated by Audrey Azoulay, Minister of Culture and Communication Jean de Loisy, President of the Tokyo Palace Françoise Bettencourt Meyers, President of the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation

Tokyo Palace
13 avenue du président Wilson
75116 Paris

open from noon to midnight every day except Tuesday.

Manuela Paul-Cavallier. "Double I", Palais of Tokyo- 888


Manuela Paul-Cavallier. "Double I", Palais of Tokyo- Cubik


Framing of a painting by Eudes Menichetti.
Gilding white gold fragmented on black plate. Supervision Guillaume Martel

Reconstruction of the workshop :

ZaK sculpture solid oak and browned white gold leaves,
White and gold pigments on "Kintsugi" paper
"CubiK" of browned tin foil.
Old gold moon frame mirror on black.

Reconstruction of the workshop :

Mirror old frame 6-carat white gold on black. Vanititoo mirror in yellow gold on black oak, "CubiK Cosmos" on the mirror in white gold on black. Bamboo gilded, pink gold Chiyonokame sake bottle, "Kyoto Gesture" label created during my residency at Villa Kujoyama. Red" table red pigments on paper.

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