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The workshop welcomes small groups of companies or individuals to discover the games of materials around gold leaf.

The workshop also hosts VIP visits

For more information:

Team work on the complementarity of the group
Personalized exploration according to each person's creativity
Free supervised creation with tools and skills at your disposal

Example of a workshop:

Creation around the sentence "When the snow melts where the white goes".
with the provision of a wooden board, colours, tools, brushes, glues and gold leaves.
Each member of the company worked on his work of art, then at the end of the day explained to the group his interpretation of the theme.
Duration one to two days. Max 10 people.


Workshop in  Kyoto, Japan, to create an ephemeral atelier for an order of interior design for a luxurious french company in Tokyo, Ginza.

I create a new material, with some woven wood gilded.

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