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Exhibition Carole Decombe gallery, 18 May to 17 June 2017

An exhibition of 5 artists "Women in Gold" Carole Decombe Gallery, during the 40th anniversary of the Carré Rive Gauche, from May 18 to June 17, 2017.

Theme of the Left Bank Square "ExtraORdinary".

Carole Decombe presents "Jardin Zen" of gold and black pigments, and a new creation "Résonance", a triptych of gold and blue inspired by the poetry of Zeno Bianu.
Measures: 50x50x4 cm each.

Carole Decombe Gallery
30 rue de Lille
Paris 75007
Tel. 01 40 40 20 00 12

Link to the gallery


Manuela Paul-Cavallier- Resonance 1/3.

Exhibition at the Carole Decombe Gallery.

Women in Gold.

マニュエラ ポール 金箔造形作家 ・キャバリエ 金箔造形作家

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